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  • 19-year-old Sarah graduated with honors from Vancouver School of Arts and Academics. Sarah’s horse Diamond is a 12-year-old Mustang mare she trained herself. Together they like to participate in gaming and jumping. As an artist, Sarah paints, makes sculptures, and dabbles in sewing. Sarah has been swimming for 12 years, works as a lifeguard, is a water safety instructor for children’s swim lessons, and is an assistant coach for a high school swim team.  Sarah is attending Clark College to get her associate degree in animal science, then she plans to attend WSU for an undergraduate degree in pre-veterinary medicine. Sarah’s parents, Melanie and Galen, support Sarah in all her horse endeavors.

  • Hope is an 18-year-old senior at Battle Ground High School. Her parents, Jill and Brandon, support Hope will all her horse projects. Hope rides her 20-year-old Appaloosa mare Libby who she has used for jumping, gaming, rodeos, and Western Pleasure. Hope also spends time working with her family’s young horses. After high school, Hope plans to become a Certified Pulse Therapist and Equine Chiropractor.

  • Lindsay is the 18-year-old daughter of Babette and Jeffree Terry. She graduated from Prairie High School in 2023 and is currently attending Clark College where she studies Early Childhood Education. Lindsay also works at a local early childhood facility where she is the main preschool teacher. When Lindsay is not studying or working, she loves to spend time at the barn with her three horses. For Fair Court, Lindsay will be using her 22-year-old Paint Quarter Horse Scout and her six-year-old buckskin quarter horse Buck.

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